White Night (2017) - password: nightwhite

Set during Nuit Blanche, follows 6 interweaving stories throughout the night

@44:04 - A fun romantic scene featuring two of the leads, and some creative camera work.



Alegra & Jim (2012)

An aspiring actress has a disturbing meeting with a famous film director.

@02:34 - Jim starts to make Alegra feel uncomfortable.



FIN (2015)

The story of a man spiralling into the depths of insanity.

@13:01 - Fin's "dark shadow" starts to take over his life.



Dayclubbing (2016) - password: dayclub

A comedy about a guy that gets dumped, and his two best friends who are getting him back out there.

@10:42 - Mike meets a girl with the help of a borrowed toddler.