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The stately grill gives the car a look of elegance. Even the headlights are original. There is a "bug shield" on the front of the car that's been there since new. It's kept the front of the car like new so it is not chipped.

The sheet metal is razor straight. All the door gaps are evenly lined up. The door hinges do not sag. All the weather strip is excellent, and the doors and windows seal tightly for a quiet ride. There is a bullet hole stick-on decal that you see in the photo that has been removed. I put a couple on just for fun. My wife did not like them.

The glossy dusk gray metallic paint is factory original and has a good shine. How many 1972 Caprice's still retain their factory original paint in excellent condition? The shiny chrome has no rust and no pits.

This is a beautiful automobile. The four door hardtop gives the car a sporty look and easy access for rear seat passengers. The smaller doors on the four door hardtop are also much easier to handle.

Remember, this car has NEVER been driven in the winter. It has been pampered all its life and it shows. I just put the trailer hitch on last summer. I thought I'd have to pull a U-Haul trailer to help my daughter move, but I didn't. The car has never towed a boat, camper, or trailer of any kind.

The vinyl roof is in excellent shape. It is not faded, cracked, or split. The car is stored and covered except on sunny days for a Sunday drive.

The tires are excellent. The skirts add a touch of class. All the bright trim on the car is superior.

Caprice is the top of the line luxury car that allows you to travel in comfort and style.

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