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The cowl induction hood has the proper hood insulation that has recently been replaced. The air cleaner has the correct rubber spacer needed to seal to the hood.

The car is equipped with the original 350 cubic inch 300 horsepower engine (Code L48) and Turbo 3509 automatic transmission (Code M40) It has optional Four Season air conditioning (Code C60) which I never use. It may work if properly charged. I never drive the car with the top up.

The engine has been rebuilt by a previous owner. At that time it was "decked" so the VIN is not stamped on the engine pad, but I have been assured that it is the original engine that came with the car. Does anyone know of any engine castings that can authenticate the originality of the engine?

Most of the Pace Car replicas were built in Norwood and carried the Z11 identification on the cowl tag. This car built in Los Angeles did not use the Z code, but the only '69 Camaros built in Los Angeles with the 720 Code Orange houndstooth interior, 50 Code Dove White paint, and white convertible top were Pace Car replicas. It does not have the Z-11 code on the trim tag because it was manufactured in L.A......."The pace car replicas were built at both the Norwood, OH, and Los Angeles, CA assembly plants. Analysis indicates that about 85% (3125) of the pace cars were from Norwood and 15% (550) were from Los Angeles, which compares well with the overall plant production volume ratios. All pace cars are RS/SS convertibles and will have 50-A paint and 720 interior noted on the cowl tag ; they were the only Camaros built in this color combination. The Norwood cars will also have Z11 stamped on the cowl tag. The pace cars were all built between 02D (4th week of February) and 05A (1st week of May).

The underside of the trunk is properly detailed. It's correctly painted and rust-free. All the weather stripping is in excellent condition.

Correct trunk decals/stickers are in place.

Lacking the added rigidity supplied by a continuous steel roof, the convertible body tends to flex under running loads. To reduce the twist, four cylindrical counterweights are installed in the front and rear corners of these cars. Spring-loaded counterweights, operating in the fluid filled damper, greatly reduce the problem, but add about 100 pounds of dead weight. I have seen cars with these removed. Mine is properly equipped with the counterweights.

The spare tire has been removed for this picture. The trunk mat is in excellent condition and all the jack components are there.

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