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Notice that the deck lid on the car shows the exposed stripe as it should. I have seen several cars that do not carry the stripe through on the deck lid and are painted incorrectly. This car is done right! The chromed tailpipes add a nice touch.

The 1969 Rally Sport option includes: black painted front grille with concealed headlights and headlight washers, fender striping, simulated rear fender louvers, front and rear wheel opening moldings, bright accented taillights, and back up lights below the rear bumpers.

Notice how nicely the stripes line up on the front facia, hood, and cowl. The soft-ray tinted glass (Code A01) is in excellent condition. You may notice that the mirrors are not correct for the car, but they would be easy to change if so desired.

The cowl induction hood (Code ZL2) works perfectly. The rear of the ducted hood forms an inverted scoop to force air into the carburetor when accelerator linkage-operated butterfly valve beneath the lip is opened.

I took this shot so you can see the nice spacing between the door edge and the rear quater panel. The door gap is even and the door lines up perfectly. The door handle has no pitting and a brilliant shine.

This shot shows the front door seam gap on the passenger side. Once again, notice the even spacing. The Camaro SS emblems are in excellent condition.

The 1969 Rally Sport headlight cover has see-through openings which enable the lights to be used should the door become stuck in the closed position. The position of the door is determined by pulling out the headlight switch knob which turns lights on and also operates the vacuum solenoid to open the door. Turning off the light extinguishes the light and causes the door to slide back in place. Everything on this car works perfectly. Notice the excellent alignment of the headlight doors. Although they can't be seen in the picture, the headlight washers are present and in excellent working order.

The car has 15X7 Rallye wheels just like the actual Pace Car. I don't think they were available as an option. I do have a set of date coded 14X7 Rallye wheels with Polyglass tires that are correct for the car.

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