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The Magic-Mirror acrylic lacquer Firethorn paint is factory original to the car and in excellent condition. The beautiful paint is shiny and glossy. The contrasting landau roof adds a touch of class to this personal sized luxury car. You may have noticed that there is a "bug shield" on the front of the car. It is so new looking that it doesn't detract from the appearance of the car. The Sport mirrors match the body color and the driver's side is remote controlled. Deluxe body side molding with color-keyed vinyl inserts match the landau top. Be sure to click the buttons that show the underside of the car. You won't believe how clean and well preserved this car is until you see it.

The car has been stored for years and is only taken out a couple of times a year for a few exercise miles. It is covered in storage on jack stands most of the time.

The front end on the 1976 Monte Carlo is elegant. The stacked headlights and beautiful grille with the knight ornament are beautiful. There is some controversy regarding the stand-up hood ornament. It is not typically found on a 1976 Monte Carlo. Did the original owner have it installed? Is this a late production 1976 Monte Carlo that received a 1977 hood ornament? The original owner has passed away so I can't answer the question. If you purchase the car, you may remove it. This is the way I bought the car, and I like it so I've kept the hood ornament on the car.

Every year I drain all the gas and refill with fresh gas and stabilizer. I also change the oil and filter even though the car is not driven. I am very meticulous when it comes to all my vehicles. When the car is stored I "fog" the engine by pouring Marvel Mystery oil into the carburetor until it floods and stalls. This coats the inside of the engine for storage. I do this with all my cars for storage. The tires are also pumped up to avoid low pressure and flat spotting.

When the car is stored, I close the doors so they do not latch tightly. I roll down the windows just a bit. I do not latch the trunk. I do not want to compress the weather stripping on the car.

Everything on the car is just as it came from the factory. I really like original unrestored cars and this one is spectacular!

These are the Turbine II wheels that came with the Landau package. The tires are the original General Dual Steel II GR 70-15 radials that came with the car including the air from 1976. I also bought a set of new correct tires 20 years ago to have as replacements if I ever needed or wanted them. They are Uniroyal Steel Belted GR 70-15 thin stripe radials. Try to find a set of these today. They are available for sale with the Monte Carlo. The tires have been stored in a cool, dry, dark basement and have never been mounted. Click the button tab on the left that says "Monte Tires, etc." to see and learn more about these items.

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