January 1, 2016


Let Us Rise and Let Us Move

Let Us Move
There’s a song, “We Have To Move”
Let Us move earnestly, move quickly,
let us be energy, let us break new records
moving to new levels of Spirituality.

The Children, my children, the generation of Hope
I have plenty of Poems and Songs that ring and
dance with Hope

My Hope has been rekindled
Hope showed her face, she showed herself in
the goodness and caring of other souls
I found Hope in the faces, in the smiles, and demeanor
of young brothers and sisters.

I found Hope in the thirst and hunger that people
have for something greater than themselves – that something
is the power of Hope. I’ve found Hope to be a state of being, an action word, a mental and Spiritual place.

I believe women and their children give up
when there is a sense of hopelessness
Dear children, please have Hope with me.
Don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t hold your heads
down, don’t frown – we aren’t down until we are down
Have Hope.

Have Hope
Don’t be easily impressed with foolishness, positions,
titles, or fancies –
this is a simple trap that will cause you to waste energy trying
impress and please men that mean you no good.

Have and Hold on to Hope
Work with me day by day, hour by hour, and
minute by minute. In reaching for Hope, the small
things that we say and do are just as important as the
big things.

For every situation of bleakness, every dim light and time of
despair – Hope is there
Yesterday is gone. Right now is a good time to lay the foundation
of renewed Hope that will impact tomorrow, next week, five years and
twenty years from now.

I am asking you to believe and have Hope even when and where
it seems that Hope abandoned us – have an action oriented Hope.

If you were digging a well for water like our
Grandfathers used to do – we would have to dig deep to find tap water.
Now, I am asking you to dig as deep as possible within
yourselves to find that Hope to overcome, conquer and
defeat hopelessness.

Let Hope have her positive way, let Hope carry you to
places that you’ve been dreaming about

Back to Moving A man is able to see out of his window when he moves to the
window and lift the blinds or pulls the curtains back

We must Move towards Hope. We too can see Hope when
our feet are moving forward, when our hearts are
Inspired with unquenchable fire, and when our spirits
are married to the Spirit of our God.
The type of marriage where there are no
Irreconcilable differences that lead to separation or

For every tragedy – Hope is present
For every calamity – take comfort in Hope
The passing of love ones – Hope cares.
For every possible victory to become reality – there’s Hope.

© 2015, James J Adams