About the Author

I was born behind a shed in South Carolina ? not really behind a shed. I was raised in Florida where I enjoyed the hot summer weather and mild winters. After escaping from the concrete walls of high school, I decided that the Army offered me a great opportunity to learn and travel. So, two months after graduating from high school, I pledged myself to the Army. In 1993-1994, I took a few English and Creative Writing courses, it was then that I developed an inspiration for writing. One of my first projects was a monthly newsletter dedicated to the importance of education for young people. It is always tough for me to write about myself. But, I don't consider myself any more important, nor do I consider what I have to offer any more significant than the next person. In fact, one of my favorite thoughts is that every man, woman and child must consider themselves as significant. I do not have any magic formulas, quick fix ideas or get rich schemes. The bottom line is that I am what I am and I write what I believe in. One of the goals in my broader vision is to generate a higher thinking process for my readers.

James J. Adams interview - discussing his book, Guard Your Joy.