James Adams

I've created a stirring compilation of Spoken Word. Reading the Poems in book fashion is great in itself; however, those same words combined with my oratory style seems to breathe life into every sentence and punctuation mark. The energy, compassion and passion come through the CD as smoothly as a listener can expect. The lyrics are heart felt with an encouraging and wise voice. The music in the background was created by Terri Smith at IJUS Records.

We Live In A Time Sample

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James Adams


In writing some fresh material, I’ve produced a second CD titled, Soul Candy. Soul Candy is Spoken Word with a twist of soul. The lyrics, lyrical style and music retain the Bold flavor that is the essence and foundation of James J. Adams. The words hit hard and soft while encouraging and igniting the Spirits of love and devotion.

Sample Tracks:
1. Smooth Lady
5. My Children Have Soul
8. Mighty Mississippi
10. Wish U Well
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