James Adams Changing the Game is another bold and thought-provoking collection of poetry by one of America's new, up-and-coming poets, James J. Adams. James writes about a wide array of social issues such as relationships, children, economics, and politics. As is his down-to-earth style, James has the ability to make you laugh, cry, and think. With Changing the Game, you will no doubt feel and relate to every word. James does not seek safety by writing in a polite style about tough issues, his words are straight from the heart.

James Adams Fancy’s Way is a bold and thought-provoking work that tells the story of a young African-American girl and her family who live in Mississippi in the South during the turbulent 1960’s. The Debonair family struggles with their daily life while the world around them struggles with the Civil Rights movement. Fancy’s parents struggle with the idea of whether or not they should take an active part in a protest march that is planned in their small town. But a terrible tragedy makes them realize that whatever happens, they will face it as a family and things will be made right! Fancy’s Way is a story filled with love, drama, disappointment, wisdom and humor.

James Adams Personal, funny, and spiritual, River Girl offers a collection of poems to honor and pay tribute to some of the women who inspired author James Adams and made a positive impact on his life. While he was preparing to write this collection of poetry, friends and strangers wondered aloud, “What is a man doing writing about women?” While admitting to knowing little about women, Adams presents a celebration of the women in his life and of women in general. His collection of poetry isn’t intended to be a literary masterpiece or scholarly effort. Instead, through his poems, he shares his thoughts on his favorite women.

James Adams In the Midst, an updated edition of my previously published poetry collection, Put the Guns Down (1996). My poetry aims at bringing attention to the violence—particularly gun-related violence—that affects our youth. It proceeds with authenticity and timelessness, presented in the edgy, spiritual voice of the street. As relevant now as it was in 1996, the poetry of In the Midst focuses on the lives of the young—as they are, and as they should be. Put the GUNS down Put your arms up. Act crazy, be heroic and your grave is nigh Fights used to take place with fists and cold mama jokes. Both the time and the day have taken a deadly twist Presently, brotherly disagreements have a medieval or wild west style GUNS are completing what captivity and disease started; Burying Folks till our presence is through A chunk of melted steel with a curved trigga.

James Adams My Children have soul My children have soul Watch them dance, watch them win, watch them roll and watch them bounce My children have soul and heart They’re able to fight – find their way out of the dark...
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