Stylish Interior

is The Symbol of Success

With a view to become the most trusted design/build firm in the area, Touchstone Interiors was founded by renowned Designer Sarah Powell in 2003.

Today, Touchstone Interiors has achieved its initial goal and created a category of its own. Care, obedience, accounting, loyalty and disclosure.

Our People

Are Always Up For The Challenge

Our Associates

Working hard to get the thing done

Sarah Powell

Owner. Lead Designer

Cornelius Powell

Owner. Manager. Construction

Billy Hargreaves

Associate. Engineering


Jerry Barratt

General Contractor

Nigel Salazar

Electrical OCntractor

John Rourke

Custom Woodworker

Eberling Design

Custom Tileworks

Elisa Toyoung


Jamie Dupis

Senior Designer

Cornelius Powell


Terry Hagan

IT Manager

Andrew Simmons


Tracy Chapman


Kitchen Envy

Custom Cabinetry

Alex Hails

Office Manager

Reginald Clemons

General Contractor

Elijah Predvil

Post-Construction Cleanup

Touchstone Interiors, JAX, Florida, 518-929-9701

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