Driving is an essential part of everyday personal, family and working life, but with so many drivers on the road today,
what should be a useful quick way from A to B can all too often feel like a stressful chore.
Sometimes you forget the thrill you got when you passed your driving test!

A refresher driving course will help you become a safer and more confident driver. It is a quick easy way to update your driving skills and get impartial advice from NOE-L.


A Refresher Driving Course can help you save money.
Driving safely actually saves money by avoiding wear and tear on the car.

Increased Confidence - Many accidents are caused by indeciciveness.

Increased Enjoyment - Comfortable behind the wheel, you can get back to the days when you actually enjoyed driving.

Go-Greener - The more you learn about the mechanics, the more you can make informed
decisions about what car to drive and what fuel to use.
NOE-L can teach you to drive the eco-friendly way making savings on your fuel costs.

REMEMBER - If you are approaching 70 you will need to renew your licence. A Refresher Course may be just what you need.

Refresher Courses are designed for anxious or nervous drivers, those who have not driven for some time, or international drivers who need to become accustomed to driving on the left.

All Refresher courses are individually designed after an assessment by NOE-L.