Family Fun Night

Halloween Family Fun Night for Schools or Churches!



The Creeping thing from Planet 13!


We understand that in today’s struggling economy, raising money for your School’s projects is more important than ever. We also understand that you’re barraged with fundraising offers, the same ones everyone else are using, or trying to.


We have created the easiest fund raising project you will ever come across, and, its also the most fun. Dr. Tripp’s “The Creeping Thing from Planet 13” is a live show with a sensational promotional aspect. This show is an authentic recreation of the spook shows from the fabulous 1950’s, when wholesome family values were move evident.


Here are a few points to remember while considering this program for your next fund raising event:


• We do 90% of the work.

• You receive 50% of the ticket sales.

• We provide a step-by-step ticket sales plan.

• Most schools raise between $1000 and $2000.

• This show is “Americana” and recognized by The Smithsonian Institute.


The live show consists of exciting magic tricks and science experiments presented as weird science fiction “Mad Scientist” stuff. The class selling the most tickets gets to select who goes to “The electric chair”! Not to worry, this is a harmless tesla coil; at least, Dr. Tripp says it is!


The show is 45 minutes long, followed by a vintage 60-minute science fiction movie. With an intermission, this makes for a full two hours of fun.


Please contact us, or leave word with your office, so that we can set up a time to briefly talk about the details.


Do this quickly, before the Creeping Thing from Planet 13, finds you…


For more information, or to make your next gathering unforgettable, contact Mark Tripp TODAY!