Hypnosis / ESP Show

Hypnotism is Extraordinary Entertainment!


Although Hypnotist and Psychic Entertainer Mark Tripp is fully knowledgeable in modern hypnotherapy and para-psychological techniques, his show is presented for its high entertainment value. Most of your audience have never seen anyone actually hypnotized in person. They will be amazed and delighted to see hypnosis live!


Hypnotism Shows are Suitable for all Audiences!


Dr. Tripp will delight your audience with his highly developed ESP abilities and fun-filled, fast paced demonstration of the powers of hypnotism starring volunteers from your audience. With careful concern for the dignity of his volunteers, Dr. Tripp will amaze your audience with the wonders of hypnotism. The entire show is presented in a light hearted manner for fun. Dr. Tripp makes no claims about the psychic world. The show is presented only as entertainment, and Dr. Tripp has performed this show all over the World!


Hypnotism and ESP are HOT!


With the popularity of such TV shows as Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, Psychic Detectives, The Mentalist, and several others, it is obvious that the public is fascinated by demonstrations of the extraordinary powers of the mind. Mark Tripp will exceed your expectations at your next banquet, convention, show, or corporate event with his ESP and Hypnotism Show. Shows are approximately one hour in length, depending on your needs. The opportunity to see this delightful, fun, and entertaining show is in your hands! Call us TODAY!


A personal message from Mark Tripp:


It may seem odd that a “comedy magician” is also a Hypnotist, but if you understand the field of magic is it less strange than you think.  I began the study of magic when I was in High School.  Magic is a very big world.  You have close up, stage, children's parties, big illusions, escapes, psychic and esp stunts (although most would rather not tell you that they are doing "magic,") and of course hypnosis.  I am an internationally known magician as both a performer as well as a writer and lecturer.  I have performed everything from close up magic to Houdini's Water Torture Cell, and yes, I have done Hypnotic Shows for many years now.


My hypnosis show is 45 minutes to one hour and is VERY different from any other Hypnosis show out there.  First, yes we are going to have fun and lots of laughs.  However, unlike other so called "Hypnotists,"  my show does NOT make people look silly or embarrass people by having them do foolish things on stage.  My show is about the potential in all of us, and how we can to amazing things if we tap into it and unlock it.  The messages are all positive and uplifting building to a climax that has to be seen to be believed.


I do NOT do hypnosis shows for people who are really asking for "can you make some people we pick look stupid?"  No thanks, I will be a buffoon as need be, but I will not do it to others.


My Hypnosis show comes out of my Motivational Speaking and my "Magic, Metaphor and Meaning" program.  Let me be clear, it is fun, there is comedy, and there will be lots of laughs.  However, when I am finished, I assure you EVERYONE will be talking in a positive way about what they have seen.

For more information, or to make your next gathering unforgettable, contact Mark Tripp TODAY!