Magic with a Message

Can a 2000 year old stunt with a jar of rice show us why we need to connect with one another?


Can a mathematical mystery and a story about Tse Tse flies inspire us to look beyond the obvious for answers in our lives?


Can a simple science experiment with a cup and a washer teach us to “let go?”


Can the old stunt of pulling out a table cloth while leaving the dishes behind motivate us “to risk?”


The answer to all of these questions,

is a resounding yes!







My name is Mark Tripp, I have been a professional entertainer and educator for over 40 years. I have never been more excited about a program as I am about my new “Magic, Metaphor and Meaning” program.


Using my skills as a Science Teacher, Magician, Comedian, Judo Master, Author and Historian, I weave highly visual stunts with messages of hope, inspiration, and positive motivation for a World in desperate need of that message.


For more information, or to make your next gathering unforgettable, contact Mark Tripp TODAY!



"I've been a professional educational entertainer for over 30 years and Mark Tripp is the most gifted educational entertainer I have EVER seen. That's saying a lot because I'm pretty good.”


Barry Mitchell,

The Entertaining Encourager

"I witnessed Mark Tripp's presentation on the Grand Evening Program at the Fellowship of Christian Magician's International Convention. He was a delight! Mark's ability to engage the audience, while holding them spellbound as he illustrated eternal truths was amazing! I an eager to experience another of Mark's presentations."

Len Camp,

Past International President

Fellowship of Christian Magicians.

Want to help your students learn? Want to have a party with a purpose? Want to have fun all at the same time? If you answered yes to any of those questions; then I have two words for you: MARK TRIPP! Mark is all you need to turn your next event into an amazing adventure! You will discover mysteries of science that will fascinate, wonders of magic that will exhilarate, all brought together by the knowledge and creativity of a seasoned professional dedicated to make your next event unforgettable!

Two words, MARK TRIPP,

and two more you will need; CALL NOW!


Jim Austin

Professional Entertainer

and Mark Tripp Fan