What is Magicomedy?


1. Magicomedy(maj’i-kom’i-de) Noun : A play, motion picture, or similar entertainment, using slight of hand and other tricks to entertain, in which the story and characters are humorous and ends happily


2. Magicomedian (maj'i-ka-me'de-an) Noun : A professional entertainer who tells jokes and uses slight of hand or other tricks to perform various comedic acts. See Mark Tripp.


3. Mark Tripp : A delightful performer who enjoys making clean clever comments about todays headlines. His performance is perfect for any audience and never offends or embarasses.


When you are "looking up" a great act, see Mark Tripp!

Stage Show


Mark Tripp’s Magicomedy is becoming one of the most popular and requested shows today. His comedy magic show has been at company banquets, country clubs, cruise lines, comedy clubs nation wide.


With a background in stand-up comedy, theater, and teaching science nationwide, this show is anything but your normal magic show. It's a 45 minute hilarious, audience interactive ride filled with music, mystery, and mayhem that will leave your audience in stitches.

Close-up Magic

Nothing breaks the ice and gets people talking like a professional close-up magician performing right before their eyes.


Mark Tripp's close-up audiences have included everyone from Happy Hour to country clubs to corporate hospitality suites. Each table or group sees a mini-act of sleight of hand that defies belief with the same hilarity and wit as his stage show. Since this show is self-contained, there is no special lighting or sound needed. It can be done during a dinner, before a special presentation, or during a cocktail hour.


Whether your event is a wedding, corporate event, banquet, product launch, or private party. Mark’s hilarious magic will turn your event into something people will talk about for years to come.

VIP Room


What do you get when you mix the dramatics of a stage show with the intimate nature of the close up show? You get Mark Tripp’s VIP show. This program is held off of the main room of your gathering. Intimate groups of 20 people or less are led to this room by you or your staff. Under perfect conditions they will witness amazing miracles of magic they will never forget and will leave them talking about YOU and YOUR great decision to hire such an amazing performer.

For more information, or to make your next gathering unforgettable, contact Mark Tripp TODAY!