The Puzzling Environment


If you don’t have a solution, you’re part of the problem!


Its time to unscramble the confusion of posters, buttons, politics, sound bites and accusations about subjects like Global Warming.  Mark Tripp shows you the hotline of environmental action, and how to direct your energy and concerns to clear purposeful action.


Our new program titled “The Puzzling Environment," is a fast moving and clever program that is filled with exciting experiments, audience participation, and clean clever comedy to stimulate student attention to “everybody can do something” to protect the small planet on which we live.


Just how does your daily routine unknowingly rob or replenish the earth? What commonplace things in your life will have no place in a clean, green world? What devices and techniques will be used instead? Exactly what can you do today, that will make a difference right now? Mark Tripp will break open a store of tactics that you can begin right now, in your school, at home, at work or play, and especially in your mind to save the earth.  Because everybody can do something!


As we have become educated and enlightened about Industries that have contaminated our planet for generations, we must now become educated and enlightened about the things you and I have been doing for generations that have equally contaminated the world we live in.

What can you do?  You can contacts us today, and learn how everyone can so something, and let Mark Tripp guide you through the Puzzling Environment.


Add Up the Fun!!!


Making mathematics fun and exciting is a REAL magic trick! I have done it with the Magic of mathematics. Students will learn Math is a "core science" to many other sciences (i.e. chemistry, physics, etc.). Also, that Math is how we measure everything in the world (time, distance, weight, etc.), and that Math is how we "reference" ourselves to the world around us (location, grade, money, where we are going, etc.).


Students will see exciting “magic tricks," and then learn the mathematic principles behind them! Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Sets and Subsets, matrix principle, and many more are taught in this show. However your students will learn this in a fun and exciting way that will have them solving problems with ease and excited to learn more! Let me bring that happiness to your school this year with "The Magic of Mathematics!"


For more information, or to make your next gathering unforgettable, contact Mark Tripp TODAY!