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Piano lessons in Maidenhead


I have been giving piano lessons at my home near Maidenhead for more than twenty five years. I teach children of all standards from beginner to Grade 8.
I like to adapt my lessons to the needs of each individual learner. Some like to work for exams and enjoy the structure of an annual challenge and making their way through the grade structure. Some just want to be able to play for fun. A few hope to make music their career.
I hope I am able to adapt to a variety of different musical tastes. I have a comprehensive library of teaching material, classics and jazz.
Many of my pupils start their lessons when they are very young and stay with me until they leave school. Many recommend me to their brothers and sisters and to friends.
I use teaching methods by Pauline Hall, as well as fun pieces and duets by Pam Wedgwood before moving on to more challenging pieces by a variety of composers.
With very young children I have recently started using
Dogs and Birds

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