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About Donna Raider

I am an award winning magazine editor and have worked in the print industry for over twenty years, editing and publishing trade magazines in the automotive and equine fields.

In 2012 I began writing my first novel for the lesbian community, "A Twist in Time." The finished manuscript contained over 200,000 words. This year I met a woman who inspired me to re-write my "tomb" and am releasing it as a series of books released very quickly so readers can go from one book to the next without waiting.

I hope you enjoy this action-packed romance as Good vs Evil. This series is purely fictional but draws on my knowledge of the church and the Old Testament.

I make my home in Fort Worth, Texas with two precious dogs and a bossy cat.



They lived in two different worlds. Leah was a wicked queen--the epitome of evil.
Mika was a woman of God--a priest in 22nd-Century America. Both fought the
attraction that threatened to destroy them. Their love was plagued by demons and curses.

A twist in time brought them together testing Mika's faith and Leah's strength. Romance, action and adventure combine to make this one of the best novels of the year.




COMING IN JULY - Book Two of the Two Different Worlds Series

Sometimes even Angels have to get their hands dirty!
Leah and Mika battle the forces of hell for one another. Sacrifices are made to save a life.

A twist of fate tore them and their world apart. Could one of them, alone, put it back together again?


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