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Matthew 7:21-23

21 "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' 23 Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'

If we love God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we will Hate the six things that God Hates, seventh being an abomination.  We will love what God Loves!......Learn More >

My Friend Living that is Walking in the Spirit deals with the 2nd greatest commandment "Love Your Neighbor" (Matthew 22:39) and especially Faith verses the......Learn More >

FULL ARMOR OF GOD!  My friend be well armed with the full armor of God (Eph 6:10-17)!  It will keep you from giving into temptations......Learn More >

Is our Opinions Dangerous?  The Jews opinions sure was very Dangerous to them since God severely punished them many times over..........Learn More >

The Book of Genesis verses 1:1 to 10:32 covers Gods creations through his son Jesus Christ, to the fall of mankind,.....Learn More >

Genesis is a book of beginnings.  It describes Gods creation of the world and the human beings he placed on the earth to care for it.  Genesis chronicles the first human.....Learn More >

What is the Bible?  First Lets look at definition of the word "Testament".  The Word "Testament" or Covenant means, an agreement, or contract between 2 parties. Such....Learn More >

The Beatitudes, Gods Blessings?  Our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us the true blessings from God called  "The Beatitudes" (MT 5:3-11).  And these blessings has......Learn More >
Is our Opinions Dangerous?  The Jews opinions sure was very Dangerous to them since God severely punished them many times over because....Learn More >. Christians Judges Who?  Friend it often makes me wonder if the Jews and Gentiles told Jeremiah, the Prophets, Jesus, Moses, Paul or the....Learn More >
The Beatitudes, Gods Blessings?  Our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us the true blessings from God called  "The Beatitudes" (MT 5:3-11).  And these blessings has.....Learn More >  Genealogy of Jesus, The Messiah.  This is my in-depth verse by verse study notes.  They cover Matthew Uses Josephs Family Line, The Importance of Jesus genealogy.....Learn More >

Who is Matthew  gift of God, a common Jewish name after the

Exile. He was the son of Alphaeus, and was a publican or tax-gatherer at Capernaum......Learn More >

Book of Matthew - These are my in-depth study notes on the Book of Matthew, a chosen disciple of Jesus Christ (Matthew 9:9).  Listed below is each teaching .....Learn More >

From my Bible Program, its resources, by Gods grace through Jesus Christ, I get to learn about the

four gospels.  Such as why are there four....Learn More

About the Bible - My friends I figured before we continue on in these bible studies that there are some things

we should know about the Bible.  This is very....Learn More >

The New Testament consist of 27 books, all written in the first century AD.  The authors ...Learn More

Bible Studies - Each Bible Study Note is a verse by verse in-depth study that I am slowly working on, in all of Gods...Learn More >

This section, Christian Growth deals with any video that I create or find that I feel would help my brothers....Learn More

In this teaching section called Christian Insights I will be providing many different kinds of resources via video, that will help....Learn More > 

In this Media Center section I am adding all sorts of resources with the Christian in mind for learning, growing and encouraging in the Christian Faith so that we can....Learn More >

Friends, how can we love God, our Lord Jesus Christ, our family, our neighbor, our enemy if we do not know What Love Is?  If we do not have the slightest understanding...Learn More >

If you are saved (Born Again) as many say they are, then you will be a completely changed person!  YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN as Jesus....Learn More > Now my friend these Spiritual Gifts are not meant for any personal gain nor a financial profit like a business.  These gifts are ONLY for the purpose.....Learn More >
Virtuous Wife.  Churches refers to Proverbs 31:1-31 as "Virtuous Woman" rather than "Virtuous Wife". They are twisting....Learn More > This page gives solid biblical ideas of how God prepare his people for salvation I call Steps to Salvation!  Have you ever wondered about what God does.....Learn More >

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Rebuilding Website - Just formatted and proof read 2 teachings, Living by the Spirit and Six Things God Hates.

Rebuilding Website - Just formatted and proof read 2 teachings, Dangers of our Opinions and Full Armor of God!

Rebuilding Website - Just completed setup of my Genesis study notes.  Now I can study Genesis in-depth more than before!

Rebuilding Website - Just finished adding in the Old Testament studies the index to the Genesis Studies.

Proof Reading - Added and changed some information on the About Bible Page, #'s 1 and 2.

Rebuilding Website - Currently proof reading and reworking the teaching, 'Christians, Judges Who?".

Rebuilding Website - Just got done with proof reading Media Center section and its pages such as the video of Pilgrims Progress 1.

Rebuilding Website - Just started working on the Biblical Teaching Section of this website such as formatting, proof reading etcs.

Rebuilding Website - Just got done linking Bible Key Points pages to their related teachings.

Rebuilding Website - Just got done proof reading the About section, that has Darryl (Me), Ministry purposes and statement of faith.

Rebuilding Website - Just got down copying ministry files from the previous website/web publishing program.  Next I format, finish teachings etcs.

Rebuilding Website - Just got done restructuring my Matthew index page for my study notes.

Rebuilding Website - Just added my OT Study notes section and Topical Studies section.  PLEASE NOTE these notes are a slow process and involve my in-depth studies using many of my Biblical study resources from my massive bible library program.  THANKS BE TO JESUS CHRIST!

Rebuilding Website - In this website, Just finished proof reading the Bible Studies, About Bible Page.  I added "How the Bible was written" to the page.