Aircraft Maintenance Customer Risk Management.


The Only Aircraft Maintenance Customer Debt Reporting Database



We understand that aircraft maintenance can be expensive. We also understand that when we get your car in for maintenance we do not leave the maintenance facility unless we have paid the bill.

Interestingly enough the aviation industry as a whole seem to have serious issues with collecting some invoices. It is of course known to a certain degree that an aircraft that is flying is paying the bills. But this is not always the case. Legitimate questions arise at times and sometimes the customer has left on the promise of payment and it never arrives and if your customer comes form out of the country, good luck trying to collect. Lawyer fee's will quickly grow and erase bit by bit your profit margin.

DebtAir has established a Worldwide Database meant to keep score on customers that have unpaid invoices worldwide and thus upon request give inquiring aviation maintenance organizations a score and only a score which will identify without any previously submitted invoices the details of such. The score will cover dates the aircraft was in the particular country it is transiting through and requesting maintenance. The maintenance facility will then be able to request a DebtAir Score Report indicating how many invoices were unpaid in that particular area or FBO and the risk level this customer presents to the maintenance facility in eventually getting paid at the end of the maintenance event.

DebtAir's Reporting Database goal is to in many ways reflect the everyday use of our purchasing power in everyday life like purchasing a car or a house or even other items of less value requiring a credit verification to ensure that the consumer has the means to of acquiring a good and paying for it. The aviation industry should be no different. DebtAir will lead the industry worldwide in helping aircraft maintenance organizations (and we do not mean by aircraft maintenance organizations AMO's only) All maintenance facilities will have the opportunity of contributing in the growth of DebtAir's Database by submitting unpaid invoices in complete confidentiality.

How to Submit an Unpaid Invoice

We have worked very hard to make DebtAir as user friendly as possible by limiting the steps necessary in the submission process. A template shows you how the invoice can be submitted and only commercial emails will be accepted officially into the DebtAir Database. No Hotmails or Gmails or other emails of non-commercial value.