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Benford Standley Director/Producer.  Benford has been in the business of entertainment for 40 plus

years, working with the likes of Clint Eastwood, Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson,

Emmylou Harris, Eric Clapton, Hoyt Axton, Waylon Jennings, Taylor Swift, Aaron Neville, Les Paul,

Kacey Musgraves, Roger McGuin from the Byres and others.  He's produced Wild West Shows,

Rodeos, Symposiums, the World Chile Cook-off, several 3-day music festivals, a Dead Head Arts

and Craft Festival on the strip in Vegas with a concert in a Vegas casino, and hundreds of concerts

and bar gigs in five states and three foreign countries.  He produced a very important symposium

on runaway kids, a subject he has written two books on, and presently doing a shocking ebook on

the state and fate of U.S. children and youth.


In 1995, he produced one of the very 1st live video/audio Internet cybercast.  The webcast was at the
famous Troubadour in Hollywood. 1997, while living back in Austin, Tx, he produced a live Internet

cybercast of  Willie Nelson, produced with Sony/Columbia Online and he produced the show was on

Bob Dylan website. The show was a Yahoo "Pick of  the Week," and a pick by CitySearch.com, and

was so successful that the Sony server system crashed in San Francisco. In 1998, he returned to

LA to launch his new project the StudioClub.com.   A  Virtual Entertainment InterNetwork, then

every Tuesday night for one year he webcast the Ronnie Mack Barn Dance from a honky tonk at the

corner of Hollywood and Vine.  In 1999 and 2000, he teamed up with Yahoo.com as a broadcast

partner and streamed the First American In the Arts Awards.  In 2008 he produced the Paso Digital

Film Festival attended by Clint Eastwood and Kevin Bacon and after 4 more years of festivals he

produce the DigitalMediaFestival.com in Silicon Valley.


He is now writing a book on his dozen years with Haggard and creating an online picture book.

More at WaitingForATrainWithMerleHaggard.com


   His full bio page:  BenfordStandley.com


Honorary Executive Producer:


Merle Haggard-- is an American Icon who has received the prestigious award for lifetime achieve-

ment and "outstanding contribution to American culture" from the John F. Kennedy Center for the

Performing Arts.  In 1994 he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and in 1997, the

Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.  Along with Buck Owens, Haggard and his band The Strangers it

is said help created the "Bakersfield sound".  Bob Dylan said, "Merle Haggard has always been as

deep as it gets.  He definitely transcends the country genre."


Merle was a friend and partner for over a decade, the relationship with Haggard began with Willie

Nelson telling me years ago, "If you want to know something about Jimmie Rodgers, you need to

talk to Merle Haggard."  So I began my train ride to and with the Hag after that.  Merle and I made

the decision to donate some of the work from the movie to Runaway Kids in the U.S.A.



Post Production Supervisor and Production Consultant


Joel Cox - is Academy Award winning editor, and started in the Warner Brothers as mail-room boy

where in 1969 he was moved into the cutting-room, as an unaccredited assistant editor on 'Woodstock'

and the 'Wild Bunch'.  he was a credited assistant on 'The Outlaw Josey Wales', working for the

first time with Clint Eastwood.  Durable collaboration followed with Cox cutting all films made by

Eastwood for 35+ years.     -IMDb Mini Biography


Cox has been quoted as saying that, over their 40+ year partnership, Eastwood has re-cut only a

single scene that Cox put together.  Proud to have him on the team to say the least and to have

working with him on a number of film festivals.



Pre & Post Production Team and Finishing Location

HMPE Studios   HMPE.CO 


Is headed up by Todd Fisher the son of the late Debbie Reynolds and brother of Carrie Fisher.  Soon thereafter Todd

released the HBO film


"Bright Lights" about the Legacy of his mother and sister.  Proud to know

Todd and work with him and Ryan Hathaway at HMPE Studios.  Excited to work with them at

their new production studio in Las Vegas on the Post Production.


"Must say we enjoyed working with you on the transferring work we did on all your video footage

from you years of shooting the Jimmie Rodgers documentary.  We really look forward to working

with you on the finishing of the project.  As discussed, we can assist you with Editorial, Titles and

Graphics, Sound Mix, Finishing, Voice Over, Colorization and Storage.  The help you format for

reproduction and distribution."



for more information on our post production facility



Associate Producers & Consultants


Chris Felver is a photographer, author, and filmmaker.  His work has been exhibited inter-

nationally, and his works are collected by numerous libraries and museums, including Stanford U

Special Collections.  He participated in the 53rd Venice International Film Festival, and screened

films in festivals and museums around the globe, including presentations at the Library of Congress,

he received the Best Art Documentary Awards at the Cinema Arts Centre Independent Film Festival, 

and he was a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome.  He has worked with some of the

greats in the biz and has teamed up with Bruce Ricker, partner and associate of Clint Eastwood's

on several of his film projects. 


Dan Jones was recently Chairman of the Ponca Nation, Oklahoma.  He was a Field Producer on

the Emmy nominated documentary 500 Nations, working with Kevin Costner. He worked for Disney

Imagineering on the Disney America Project, and performed with Sammy Davis Jr. and Wayne

Newton at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  Jones' television productions

include producing The World of American Indian Dance, which premiered on NBC in 2003.  In

2001 Jones was the co-host and co-producer of the First Americans in the Arts awards ceremony

webcast, with broadcast partner Yahoo.com.  In 1993 he received the Muse Award from the

Association of American Museums for a work produced by the new Smithsonian National Museum

of the American Indian. Jones is a traditional straight dancer, and worked with us for decades on



Bobby Bridger  is a singer/songwriter/poet/actor/playwright/author and painter who for 3 decades

has traveled the globe performing a trilogy of one man shows for audiences in America, Canada,

Europe, Australia and Russia. He has recorded numerous albums for labels including Monument

Records, RCA and Golden Egg Records. On television he appeared twice on the early years of 

PBS's "Austin City Limits", and on ABC's "Good Morning America", A & E and C-SPAN, as well as

on NPR on radio. He is the composer of "Heal In The Wisdom", the official anthem of the Kerrville

Folk Festival for over 25 years.  Bridger has been an artist-in-residence at the Buffalo Bill Historical

Center in Cody, WY., the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford, CT, the John G. Neihardt 

Center in Bancroft, NE and Yellowstone National Park


Frank Mull  has been in the "biz" for four plus decades.  From Radio, which he began in 1960 at
WFLO in Farmville, VA, he went into the record industry in 1968.  Three years at Capitol was a

beginning of over twenty years as a executive in that field, including national promotions with

Mercury and Avco Records.   Mull has been as Exec. Director of Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. 

working with state and national government officials, including mayors, governors and U.S.

Senators, and have him dealing with such legendary entertainment names Red Barber, Dick

Clark, Arthur Godfrey and Paul Harvey, among others. He has been director of operations of the

700-member Reunion of Professional Entertainers (ROPE). Frank Mull has worked with Merle

Haggard for many years as tour manager, merchandise manager and many other hats for Hag.



Creative Business Consultant


Len Dell'Amico has produced and directed specials for Pay-Per-View, network TVHBO/Cinemax,

MTV and others.  He is "the master of the multi-camera shoot" working with acts like The Grateful 

Dead, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, Jerry Garcia, Carlos Santana, Bruce Hornsby, Neville

Brothers, Dionne Warwick, Ray Charles, Reuben Blades, Bonnie Raitt,  Quincy Jones, Linda

Ronstadt, Blues Traveler and many more. 


For 11 years he directed and produced along with Jerry Garcia everything the Grateful Dead did on

camera.  Len became known as the Dead's Video guy.  He first worked with Grateful Dead in 1980

on "Dead Ahead," the band's live TV broadcast and platinum home video. He and Jerry Garcia

co-directed "So Far," the top-selling music video of 1988, which won the American Film Institute's

award for best long-form music program. 


He directed The Allman Brothers Band: Brothers of the Road and the classic Fats & Friends, that

featured Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Ron Wood with music host Paul Shaffer.  Len

wrote, directed, produced and edited the recent Indie feature "Welcome To Dopeland," available

on iTunes, Amazon, and Hulu, which features the creative use of a wide variety of music.  He is a

graduate of York University's School of Film and TV and initially worked as an editor on docu-

mentaries and independent feature films. 


History Consultants


Austin and James Court, great grandsons of Rodgers and sons of Jimmie Dale Court, who I had

known and been friends with, and worked with him on trying to get a feature on his grandfather

Jimmie Rodgers.  Austin and James are historians themselves on their great grand father's legacy. 


We are working with Austin and James to produce the first annual Jimmie Rodgers Festival in

San Antonio, Texas in Fall of 2020.


Legal Counsel - Jessie Lundberg of Lundberg Law,  Missoula, Montana



Benford Standley, Producer/Director

Buffalo Benford Multimedia, LLC