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Weed Systems, Inc. Products

Weed Systems, Inc. is committed to providing you with "Precision Performance" in all spraying and research needs. We take pride in our products, and work hard to ensure they perform to your expectations.

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Custom Built Research Sprayers

The basic HQ300 Sprayer includes a heavy duty platform carrier with 5lb CO2 cylinder, regulator with hose and 3-gallon stainless steel tank with beverage-type couplers.

Koke Kap Sprayer

The basic Koke Kap Sprayer includes a CO2 power pack with one 2.5lb CO2 cylinder, regulator with hose, on a scuba type carrier.

Custom Built Spray Booms

Weed Systems "Lite Booms" are manufactured with the highest quality fittings available with maximum durability and lightweight considerations. All "Lite Boom" laterals utilize 3/8" aluminum tubing or 1/8" aluminum pipe. Where extra strength is needed, 1/4" aluminum pipe is used. Check ball strainers, drift control tips, and Quick-Jet caps are standard.

Component Parts

Compression Tube Fittings, Aluminum Pipe Fittings, Aluminum Pipe Schedule and Aluminum Tubing.

Component Parts

Koke Kap T-Handle Header and Spot Shot-All in One Spray Header.

Component Parts
Powerpack Units and Component Parts and CO2 Aluminum Cylinders and CORegulators.
Component Parts

Beverage Type Stainless Steel Tanks and Parts, General Beverage Quick Couplers.

Component Parts

Milton Quick Couplers-Air Liquid Type, Trigger Valve Downpipe Parts, Accessories

Component Parts

Pressure Gauges - CO2 Regulators, Spray Booms, Upgrade. Kuri Tec Spray Hose


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